Search carefully! 

Some items are carefully hidden.  Look under and around for hidden objects or information. 

Use the items in the room.

Almost all of the items in the room have a purpose or use.  Think about what something will be used for and keep an eye out for the opportunity.

Share your learning!

You need to collaborate/communicate with your team members.  Information or objects you find might be important to a puzzle someone else is working.  Successful teams are the ones that communicate most effectively.

Don’t get stuck.

If you can’t figure out a puzzle, don’t spend too much time on it as there are other puzzles in the room to work on.  If you have trouble, recruit one of your teammates for help. Move on to another challenge and come back later as needed.

Don’t give up!   

Some of the puzzles are meant to be difficult.  Sometimes a solution is obvious, sometimes not.  Take a deep breath and try to think of different ways to approach the solution.  And more clues for your puzzle may be discovered or revealed later on.   Stay active. Keep searching. Keep trying.