The Patient

Ring..Ring.."Hello, Police Department how can we assist you?" 
Caller:  "...Hello?  Yes, we need help.  I am a doctor at the remote prisoner hospital outside of town and we have a serious situation.  We are in the process of transporting the patients out of the facility due to the upcoming storm but one of the patients escaped.  We already have a few casualities.  Please send a team immediately!"
Police:  "Sir, can I get your name and any information about this patient?"
Caller:  "Yes, my name is...Wait I hear something."
Police:  "Sir?"
Caller:  "No!..I did not do anything.  Please let me explain!..No..Noooo!"
Police:  "Sir! Sir! Is there someone there with you? Are you ok? Sir!"
Caller:  .....
Police:  "Hello..Hello!" labored breathing is heard...call disconnects.